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How can your business contribute to World Cleanup Day?

World Cleanup Day is the largest waste collection day around the world, with over 60 million volunteers in 191 participating countries. This September 16th, an estimated 300.000 tons of waste will be collected worldwide. This initiative aims at building bridges between communities, and there are many ways to participate, as a citizen or as a corporate entity. 

Here's how your business can contribute to World Cleanup Day:


1. Implementing an effective and ethical management waste initiative


Your business can establish a corporate waste management plan in three easy steps: 

  • Start by conducting a "waste audit" to identify which parts of the company generate most waste, the average quantity of waste per month, the type of waste in question, how it can be disposed of better, and which actions the company can take. 

  • Develop a mindful corporate consciousness and identify solutions to reduce waste.

  • Implement the solutions throughout the company,  in various work areas, including recycling bins or adding vertical balers to minimize waste management space and time.

2. Plan a team building activity

There is no better way to show that your company “walks the talk” when it comes to raising awareness and acting out to protect the environment. Using World Clean Up Day as an opportunity to plan a team building cleanup activity is an effective way to engage your staff. Beach cleanups are popular initiatives but even if you aren’t located near a coastline, your team can still get together for a clean up in a city park or area. All you’ll need are trash bags, gloves, tools, and company t-shirts to raise your team’s spirit as they collect litter. The good news is that you don’t need to plan this all on your own; be sure to get in touch with organizations specialized in cleanups to optimize your impact and your activity’s logistics.

3. Partner up with a B Corp Specialized in Cleanups

Partnering with a company whose mission is to reduce waste is a great way to show your commitment to WorldCleanupDay without the burden of event planning logistics. Leave it to a B Corp to guide you through their offer and find a deal that your business can get behind. For example, through Ogyre’s fishing for litter project, companies can back up their commitment to an environmental cleanup with tangible action. Ogyre allows companies to reach their SDGs, while engaging employees and getting them involved in the contribution for a cleaner planet.

If you want to make a meaningful contribution to this year’s WorldCleanupDay, get behind our mission today! 

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