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How to reach SDGs with Ogyre


A strategic approach to CSR has become an increasingly competitive advantage in today’s business world. Not only does it help lower costs, but it also makes it easier to build stronger relationships with clients and helps handle human resources in a more effective way, leading to a better company image overall.



To reach tangible SDGs, companies can rely on the 17 SDGs established by the UN’s 2030 agenda. The goals vary depending on the company’s field of activity, but whether a company operates in the food, fashion, manufacturing or service industry, there are always initiatives available to help save the planet.  

Partnerships allow companies to have a positive impact on the environment, on the economy, or social causes, especially when these companies don’t have any other way of contributing and reaching SDGs. 

For example, any company can rely on a social responsibility company like Ogyre, which finances fishing for litter expeditions around the world. This kind of initiative encourages a company’s employees or clients to feel like active participants in the construction of a better tomorrow.

Fishing for litter as a CSR project

A well defined Corporate Social Responsibility mission should include supporting projects and initiatives, in line with the company’s value, which can keep the company accountable. There are many ways to respect a CSR mission - whether it’s through the company’s supply chain, used materials, processes - but there are also sustainable projects in which companies can participate to reaffirm their commitment. 

Companies in search of initiatives to meet their CSR objectives will find a suitable partner with Ogyre and the fishing for litter project, which they financially back up in Italy, Indonesia and Brazil.  On their fishing expeditions, fishermen also collect debris, which they bring on land to weigh and dispose of according to the country’s environmental compliance. 

When a CSR manager chooses to collaborate with Ogyre, they have the opportunity to define their sustainable commitment in terms of kilograms and tons of marine waste to be collected. By promoting ocean conservation through the fishing for litter project, the company not only safeguards marine biodiversity but also contributes to supporting local fishing communities. Ogyre respects the characteristics and uniqueness of each location and community it interacts with. As a result, the methods and levels of compensation provided to local communities are tailored to individual regions.

The fishing for litter project makes the company's sustainable impact positive, tangible, and quantifiable. All kilograms collected are accounted for, as fishermen load their virtual warehouse after each catch. When they arrive on land, the waste is unloaded, weighed, analyzed, and categorized by one of Ogyre’s local partners, who then “digitally” archives the litter on the platform before disposing of it. This process allows Ogyre's partners to monitor their contribution to ocean cleanup.

Each kilogram is uniquely identified and assigned to the company, enabling them to quantify their commitment. Ogyre also provides sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to support the activity. Additionally, upon request, Ogyre can conduct specific research to add even more value to the work being done.


How fishing for litter can help companies reach SDGs

The kilograms of collected litter can be included in the company's sustainability balance sheet and demonstrate the company’s contribution. Through the Ogyre partnership, companies can reach the following SDGs: 

  • SDG 8 "decent work and economic growth" through the support of local fishing communities and their fishing activities
  • SDG 12 "responsible consumption and production," as collected waste is recycled and used by Ogyre to create jackets, water bottles, and swimwear, which can make great HR gifts to raise awareness with company employees. 
  • SDG 14 "life below water," as collecting marine litter helps protect the marine ecosystem. 
  • SDG 17 "partnerships for goals," as teaming up with Ogyre allows for a real, concrete, and measurable contribution towards environmental sustainability.

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