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Meet Benedetto Carpi

An integral member of our Italian fleet, protecting the coast of Santa Margherita Ligure one day at a time. 

Located in northwest Italy, Liguria is a region known for its spectacular coastlines, charming towns, and culinary wonders. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world flock to this unique destination to soak up its beauty, hike uphill to visit the perched villages, or spend the day dipping into the crystal-clear waters of the Ligurian Sea.


Walking around this mesmerizing quarter is like being transported into a fairytale. The herbal smell of basil blends with the iodine scent of sea breeze mid-air, as mild waves crash abruptly against the grey cliffs. The vibrant colors of the buildings pop out against the cloud-free cerulean sky. Sun-kissed tourists and locals mingle in the streets, creating an undistinguished amalgamation of foreigners and natives.


The backdrop to endless romances, movies, and poetic interpretations, Liguria is the type of place that inspires you to leave everything behind to indulge in an unplanned weekend escapade in pursuit of an affair that will end sourly on the prow of a small boat.

The home of one of the most photographed UNESCO World Heritage sites, Cinque Terre, this region has the power to truly capture the hearts of travelers. The picturesque essence of these fishing towns, with their colorful houses, narrow streets, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, stirs the soul of anyone who has the luck to step foot on their cobbled pathways. Not succumbing to the charm of this geographic playground is quite the feat.

However, the beauty of the Ligurian coast isn’t free from threats. Marine pollution and waste are having a devastating impact on the local environment. According to a study by the University of Genoa, microplastics are present in high concentrations in the Ligurian Sea. These tiny pieces of plastic can be ingested by marine life, causing a range of health problems. In Italy, most of the litter can be found at the bottom of the sea, and therefore the waste can also get tangled in fishing nets, posing a danger to local fishermen and their livelihoods.

At Ogyre, we are particularly attached to Liguria as it’s our birthplace; it’s where we took our first steps. As a result, our connection with the crystal waters of this paradisiac coast runs deep. We invested plenty of time in creating a strong fleet of fishermen who could help us counter the decay, and we are starting to see the positive impact our collaboration is having on the local biosphere.

Benedetto Carpi is one of the many sailors we employ in Santa Margherita Ligure, our stronghold, and he knows the Ligurian coast as he knows the back of his tanned hands.

“I started fishing at eight years old,” he says in the interview, “my uncle used to have a trawler called ‘Lavoratore Secondo,’ and I remember the University of Genoa often came aboard to take samples of the waters.”

Almost half a century later, after experimenting with every water vehicle out there, Benedetto can still be found waking up at dawn to go fishing.

“Over the course of the years, those like me who work at sea have noticed a momentous change in the well-being of the water.”

“Over the course of the years, those like me who work at sea have noticed a momentous change in the well-being of the water,” he tells us. “Back in the day, it was easy to find a little bit of tar on the beach. There wasn’t much plastic or iron,” he continues.


His testimony – and the similar stories of his colleagues – are an essential accessory for our work, as they help us open our eyes and awaken people to the tragedy Mother Earth is currently experiencing. By hearing the firsthand account of our fleets across the world, our community has the chance to understand the importance of taking care of the ocean and have a direct look at the consequences of our actions on land.


In order to continue enjoying the beauty of mother nature and the awe-inspiring marvels the world has to offer, we must make a collective effort to preserve it. 

Next time you have the luck to visit a marvelous beach, think about what you are bringing with you, what you consume, and how you consume it.


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