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Ocean Week

That time of the year has arrived: summer is approaching, with its first warm days and refreshing dips in the water that still bear the remnants of winter. The air carries the cheerful vibes of the sun, warming people's spirits as they prepare to move from one part of the Bel Paese to another in search of welcoming beaches. However, for us at Ogyre, the beginning of summer holds a different significance.


As June commences, a single word consumes our thoughts, dominating not just this month but the entire year. It becomes a necessity for this word to pervade every aspect of our lives, even extending its influence to realms far from our own, ultimately captivating people's hearts: Ocean. June is the month dedicated to oceans, and from the 5th to the 11th, Ocean Week unfolds across the globe. While it may still be a relatively new concept in the collective imagination, the growing awareness and sensitivity towards issues concerning ocean preservation have led more and more organizations and individuals to participate each year. The inaugural event, originally called Sea Week, took place in New Zealand in 1992 and subsequently spread to neighboring countries and beyond, eventually becoming 'World Ocean Day' on June 8, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008.


Ogyre will not stand idle during this occasion. We have diligently worked on numerous projects, partnerships, and collaborations over the past months, all of which will come to fruition throughout this month. June holds a special significance for us, but the importance of safeguarding the oceans and our planet must transcend time, becoming a priority every month, every day, and every year. Together, with a collective mission, we can take concrete action towards protecting our oceans and preserving our planet.


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