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One human's trash is another human's treasure

The Ocean Month continues, and just like the waves of the sea keep breaking on the shores to reclaim what we have taken from them, Ogyre keeps carrying its mission around the world to be heard by more and more people. On June 15th, we gathered at Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Headquarters in Cagliari, our main partner, who welcomed us at Molo Ichnusa in preparation for the workshop organized in collaboration with Max Lamb.


A renowned British designer known for his innovative fusion of traditional methods and contemporary approaches, Max Lamb led the "One human's trash is another human's treasure" workshop to promote the concept of the circular economy by revitalizing abandoned waste in the sea and on beaches. Through the use of discarded materials such as LDPE plastic and old spinnaker sails, the workshop allowed participants to explore various creative possibilities and sustainable solutions offered by waste recycling, creating lightweight and durable multi-purpose bags. The final products, in addition to their aesthetic value, were essential in helping attendees understand the potential of simple actions in reducing their individual carbon footprint.


The event provided a perfect opportunity for collective reflection on environmental issues, particularly those concerning the sea, which are dear to both the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team and Ogyre.


Come annunciato dai nostri founders “la consapevolezza della causa ambientale può e deve passare attraverso più canali espressivi possibili” come, in questo caso, tra le mani di Max Lamb che è riuscito a unire arte, design e sostenibilità invitando a riflettere sulla rilevanza delle azioni quotidiane che si possono adottare per ridare vita ai nostri ecosistemi.


Once again, the bond between Ogyre and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli has grown stronger to continue glorifying the commitment of both entities in the fight against climate change and marine pollution. Our love for the ocean will continue to unite us in the hope of raising awareness and taking concrete actions to protect our seas.


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