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Corporate Christmas Gifts: A contribution for a cleaner ocean

This time of year, more and more businesses are searching for an original, responsible and sustainable idea for their corporate Christmas gifts. With Ogyre, the opportunity to bring an innovative twist to this tradition, all too worn out by convention, comes directly from the sea.

Choosing a socially responsible gift can help communicate your company’s values and innovative approach to an otherwise commercial opportunity. Not only is standing for an environmental cause increasingly valued by the market and the consumers, but it’s also a way to leave a long-lasting impression on your stakeholders. 

Advantages of an Innovative Corporate Christmas Gift

From a strategic perspective, opting for a gift aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a significant move for at least two main reasons:
  1. Supporting initiatives with environmental conservation objectives significantly enhances your brand's reputation, with messages that speak to a number of potential audiences: consumers, stakeholders, users, potential investors
  2. Collaborating with a B-corp shapes your company's commitment to sustainable practices. This step can have a decisive impact on the organization's performance in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) arena.

“Promote Culture” with an Ocean Safeguarding B-Corp

But why opt for a B-corp specialized in fishing for marine litter? First and foremost, for the environmental impact of your choice.
  1. Choosing gifts associated with specific amounts of waste recovered from the sea means actively contributing to the preservation of oceans and marine ecosystems.
  2. This association will make employees and customers even more satisfied and proud of their connection to your company. At the same time, they will appreciate the gift for its tangible and positive impact on the planet they inhabit.

Last but not least, choosing to get your holiday gifts with a Fishing for Litter B-corp startup will make your gesture truly unique. Branded products associated with kilos of marine waste clean up will make for a memorable gesture that will speak volumes and impress both your internal and external stakeholders. 

Ogyre, the Right Partner for Your Christmas

So, which B-corp startup should you support for your Christmas gifts?
Ogyre is the first Italian platform to track fishing for litter contributions from fishing communities around the world. Through Ogyre, your Christmas gifts can actively contribute to cleaning the ocean in one of the following ways:
  • Pick from a selection of sustainable Ogyre products and associate kilos of marine litter clean-up
  • Associate kilos of marine litter clean-up with your own merchandise, and make that your Christmas present. 
You’re still in time to connect your corporate Christmas gift to ocean safeguarding with Ogyre. Get in touch and find out how this partnership could make your holiday season different from the previous ones. 

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