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Change habits to save the planet

When it comes to sustainability, the little propaganda made by institutions and governments doesn't seem to be enough.

We know we need to act, but change won't happen on its own. We must fight for it, just like we fought for technological innovations that have led us to become selfish and overconsume the planet's resources over the past half-century.
Sadly, humanity doesn't seem to want to stop. We continue to produce and consume without considering the consequences of our actions.


Fortunately, not everyone consumes at the same rate, as evidenced by the Global Footprint Network's annual Country Overshoot Days. This list marks the date when a country's population demand for ecological resources and services exceeds what the Earth can generate in one year. The overshoot day – or d-day – is calculated based on the number of days that Earth's biocapacity can provide for humanity's ecological footprint. Not every country is ranked in the list; it only takes place when the ecological footprint per person of a country is higher than the global biocapacity per person.


For Italy, this year's Overshoot Day will take place on May 15th, which is no good news since it's the same as last year. 
What does this all mean? This date signifies the day when the resources available for use in our country this year will be depleted. It also highlights the fact that if we had to rely solely on what the Italian peninsula offers us, we would need 5.2 Italys to keep up with Italians' consumption habits and vices. 
The Earth Overshoot Day, which marks the date when the planet will be exhausted in satisfying this year's demand, will be announced on June 5th in compliance with Ocean week.


The impact of this environmental debt is already apparent. Erosion of shores, desertification, the collapse of fishing and oceans' acidification, deforestation, and the rapid increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are just some of the consequences. To challenge this trend, we need to adopt a lifestyle that revolves around the seasons and what Earth provides us. At Ogyre, we support this cause because we believe that a radical change in our habits could help fix the damage we've caused to the planet and oceans.


Ogyre is a lifestyle, a catalyst for change.

If you believe the Earth deserves better, then Ogyre is what you need.

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