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Meet Glaucia Sousa

The woman making a difference in the Colonia Bancários and ZIOS

Women are the backbone of Brazil's fishing colonies, yet their invaluable contributions have been overlooked and undervalued for centuries. These communities heavily rely on fishing for sustenance and income, and women play an instrumental role in ensuring the success and sustainability of the industry. From preparing fishing equipment to processing and selling the catch, women take on a multifaceted role in the fishing industry. They maintain boats and nets, dry and preserve fish, manage finances, and pass down traditional fishing knowledge and practices to younger generations. Without their contributions, the fishing industry and the communities that rely on it would struggle to survive.

Colônia de pescadores bancários, Z-11, Gláucia Cristina Guimarães

Despite their crucial role, women in fishing communities often face discrimination, exclusion, and limited access to resources and decision-making power. These challenges not only negatively impact their economic opportunities but also the overall health and resilience of coastal ecosystems. At Ogyre, we recognize the vital role of women in the fishing industry and are doing our part to include them in our operation and emancipate them.


One such woman is Glaucia Sousa, General Coordinator of Colonia Bancários and ZIOS. Despite living in Ilha Do Governador and not being a local, Glaucia has seamlessly taken on the reins of the venture and brought a precious contribution to the project on the ground. Seeing what a difference collecting marine litter can make for the local fishermen provides her with a feeling of joy and the energy to keep going. “I feel like an accomplished professional,” she says.

Empowering and supporting women in fishing communities can have a ripple effect, leading to improved health and economic outcomes for their families and communities. By recognizing and supporting the vital role of women in the fishing industry, we can promote gender equity, create more opportunities, and ensure a brighter future for coastal fishing communities in Brazil.

At Ogyre, we believe that recognition and support of women's roles in coastal fishing communities are essential to ensure the sustainability of the industry and the communities that rely on it. It's time to appreciate the valuable contributions that women make in this industry and empower them to succeed.


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