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Meet Jussaria Soares Monteiro

 The fisherwoman protecting Colonia Z-10 one marine litter pick up at a time.

 Colônia de pescadores bancários, Z-11, Jussiara Soares Monteiro

In the picturesque Z-10 fishing colony nestled along the vibrant coastline of Brazil, an extraordinary woman named Jussaria Soares Monteiro emerges as a beacon of inspiration. With her unwavering passion for the sea and unparalleled prowess, Jussaria's journey as a female fisherman exemplifies the transformative power of inclusion and the vital role women play in the local fishing industry.


For decades, the fishing trade in Brazil has been predominantly male-dominated, with women often relegated to supporting roles. However, winds of change are blowing across the tranquil bay where Jussaria resides, breathing life into a new narrative—one that champions gender equality and recognizes the unique contributions of women like her.

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Photography: Ilha Noticias

Jussaria's love affair with fishing began as a young girl, as she spent countless hours by the shimmering shores, captivated by the ebb and flow of the tides. Against societal expectations and prevailing norms, she fearlessly pursued her dreams, defying the limitations imposed on women in her community. Through sheer determination and dedication, Jussaria established herself as a skilled fisherman, harnessing her innate connection with the ocean to navigate its mysteries with finesse.


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However, Jussaria's journey encountered an unexpected hurdle when the waters of her beloved cove became entangled in the clutches of pollution and ecological degradation. The once-thriving ecosystem teetered, threatening the livelihoods of countless fishermen and the delicate balance of marine life. Undeterred, Jussaria finally found a solution by enrolling in Ogyre’s “Fishing For Litter” program—a transformative initiative that empowered Jussaria and her fellow fishermen to reclaim their bay and actively participate in its restoration.

By combining their expertise in fishing with a commitment to environmental stewardship, the program enlisted the efforts of the fishing community to remove litter and debris from the waters they so deeply cherished. And at the heart of this endeavor, women like Jussaria emerged as unsung heroes, their invaluable contributions breathing life back into their beloved bay.

Through fishing for litter, Jussaria found herself revitalized, reconnecting with the very essence of her being. Armed with her tenacity and love for her craft, she cast her nets with renewed purpose, skillfully navigating the waters she had come to know so intimately. Each catch became a testament to the resilience of her community and a symbol of hope for a brighter, more sustainable future.



Photography: Record Em Fotos

Jussaria's story serves as a poignant reminder that when women are given equal opportunities, they flourish and create lasting change. The inclusion of women in the fishing industry not only benefits individuals like Jussaria but also holds the potential to rejuvenate entire communities, fostering a more balanced and harmonious society.

As we marvel at Jussaria Soares Monteiro's indomitable spirit and remarkable journey, we are reminded of the untapped potential that lies within each individual, irrespective of their gender. By embracing the power of inclusion, we can pave the way for a future where women like Jussaria continue to shape narratives, redefine industries, and inspire generations to come.


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